The project was paused for Christmas and New Year, now I’m wondering whether to continue with the McWire design or go with something else. I recently came across the Fireball CNC machine, which looks very nice. Each machine is hand made in the US, which appeals to me.

One of the early projects I wish to work on is a clock and I found some nice clocks with plans for sale. I contacted the designer and the largest part in the design I am interested in is a cog with a diameter of 11 1/2″. This is too big for the Fireball CNC machine.

So, looking at the McWire design, in order to cut parts 12″ by 12″, the machine would need to have a footprint of at least 24″ x 24″. The design isn’t a compact one. So I am currently undecided what to do. Unless I find a design that really looks appealing I may continue with the McWire design.

My recommendation for anyone wanting to build a CNC machine is to think carefully about how large the parts are that they want to make, then pick a design that fits that requirement.