I have finally completed my dust box. Although this box is designed for the FireballCNC V90, it can fit any CNC machine the same size or smaller. Some features:

  • Removable sides, top and front
  • Cavities for optional sound dampening
  • Reinforced floor
  • Electronics storage with plenty of room for expansion
  • Window on the front
  • Made with easy to find materials

Some pictures are below. This will allow me to use my CNC machine in the house with people and animals around without worrying about snapped bits, sawdust, etc.

CNC Box 5 CNC Box 4 CNC Box 3 CNC Box 2 CNC Box 1

The plans for this box are now available for $15! That is a $15 donation to Top Dog, a non-profit in Tucson, Arizona, USA that helps disabled people train their own service dogs and remain independent! Donate to get the plans now!

The plans are in imperial/English units and consist of 26 pages. The inside dimensions of the box are approximately 26″W x 34″D x 23″H with the electronics storage being 7″W x 34″D x 8″H. The approximate cost to construct the box is $80 – $100, nearly all the cost of the wood. The box can be made with a table saw/circular saw and a drill. No special electric tools are required. A full parts list is included. The plans also include some hints and tips.

Donate to get the plans now!