I’ve decided to write down my goals. These are long-term; if I can get them done in six months that would be great.

1. Large Scale Features

Adding national forests, parks and preserves, wilderness areas and the trails inside those areas for Arizona. I am perhaps 70% done with this goal. The benefit is vastly improved recreation maps for the six million people in the state. The area is huge (larger than the UK) and the total number of nodes is probably in the 100,000s.

2. Medium Scale Features

Adding key features in the city of Tucson. This includes major rivers and washes, large buildings such as hospitals, malls and big box stores, realigning primary and secondary roads. To date I have added at least one of each of these features. The benefit is a good overall map for the one million people who live in the Tucson area.

3. Small Scale Features

I plan to completely map in as much detail as possible the nine square miles or so around my home. This includes realigning all the streets, adding buildings which are not houses, adding recreation areas, ensuring all streets are named, etc. Of the three goals this is probably the most work. The number of people living in the area isn’t that much, but I intend this to be an example for future Tucson mappers.