The steps are confusing, the requirements many and it entails reading multiple web pages then fitting the jigsaw together. Here are the exact steps I took to set my Windows PC up for development with Android.

  1. Download “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers“.
  2. Extract the files using 7-zip and then copy to C:\Program Files\Eclipse
  3. Download and install the Oracle JDK (Standard Edition)
  4. Download and install the Android SDK
  5. At the end of the installation choose to run the SDK manager.
  6. Check/Tick Android 2.3.3 then then click on the Install button.
  7. Download and install the ADT Plugin using these steps. Note that the instructions say that a “Welcome to Android Development” window will appear. It won’t. Ignore that.
  8. In Eclipse go to Window -> Customize Perspective…
  9. Click on the Menu Visibility tab
  10. Expand File and then New and check/tick Android Application Project
  11. Click on OK
  12. In the main Eclipse window click on the icon to go to the workbench.
  13. Follow the first lesson