Pronsole is a great way to control a 3D printer. it’s quick, efficient and customizable, however it does omit some useful commands. Here are some you can add to make it a bit more useful. Define the command using ‘macro’. then use the command by typing it’s name in.


This command turns the motors off. Useful if you wish to manually move an axis on the machine.

macro motorsoff M18


On the Melzi board removing and inserting the SD card stops the card from being used any further until M21 is issued.

macro resetsd M21


It can be handy to see all the gcodes that are being sent to the controller board and all the responses coming back. Also if you have a RepRapPro machine it won’t monitor the temperatures because pronsole doesn’t understand the values that are returned. Using this command will allow monitor to work again.

macro loud !self.p.loud = 1


This is the opposite of loud. It turns off reporting of gcodes and responses.

macro quiet !self.p.loud = 0