Flash and PDFs are staples of the internet and have been for many years now. I used to develop some flash applications but not anymore as Adobe really has lost their way.

Adobe Reader

Sadly it appears no longer possible to directly download this application and install it. Now you have to get the “Adobe Download Manager” first which then forces you to get a McAfee security program at the same time as Adobe Reader. There are no options to cancel the download or installation of this program and it doesn’t matter that I already have security software on my PC. When will Adobe realize that people want to be able to choose what to download and install? No thanks.

Adobe Flash Player

Back when I bothered to write applications for flash (note – not adverts but client-side file processors and mapping tools) I installed the debug version of Flash Player so I could use FlashBug for debugging. Ever since then Flash Player continually crashes on me when visiting most websites with flash (such as CNN). This is despite uninstalling the debug version and installing the regular version. Sometimes I can dismiss the crash errors and it keeps working and other times it freezes Firefox for several minutes before crashing that too.

On setting up my new Windows 7 installation Flash Player forced me to close Firefox before it would continue – rather than closing and restarting via the add-ons window like all other plugins. After installation FireFox now will only start in “Safe Mode” with many features disabled. Wonderful.

Thanks Adobe for a really great user experience! Or should I say software engineering failure.