I found out that the linux-rt kernel is not suitable for running EMC2/LinuxCNC. Sorry if you followed those steps. You can remove it using sudo apt-get remove linux-rt. Instead the kernel must be patched with RTAI. I’m currently working out the correct steps to do this. So far I tried the pre-built kernel in the Gutsy experimental folder but ethernet was broken. I don’t recommend bothering with those packages. Instead I hope to come up with the steps to install EMC2/LinuxCNC manually.

I have received most of the parts for the 24VDC, 10A power supply that is needed for the HobbyCNC board. Once I have that completed I will post a complete bill of materials with Digi-Key part numbers.

I damaged once of the stepper drivers on my HobbyCNC board while performing some simple tests with a bench power supply I have. The motor was connected incorrectly. Now I have to order a replacement. Luckily I was testing only one axis, otherwise I could have damaged all the drivers.

As you can see slow progress is being made on several fronts. Hopefully I will have something concrete to post soon.