Previously I wrote about using a Raspberry Pi to receive 433MHz signals from a WH1080 weather station. This is the mess of wiring I came up with:

This worked fine until it stopped. I probably didn’t crimp a wire properly and too many knocks resulted in unreliable operation. To solve this I designed a PCB that connects the radio receiver, pressure sensor and an antenna to a Raspberry Pi:

The design is very simple:

It accepts a surface-mount version of the RMF01 module (the version with a black resin blob). This is easily soldered onto the PCB by hand.

A female through-hole SMA connector is used for the antenna connection. This allows a range of off-the-shelf antennas to be used. The one I purchased from eBay didn’t work so I modified it as can be seen in the pictures. Alternatively a wire can be directly soldered to the board.

Finally a six pin BMP085 module is connected to a header. The pinout of the BMP085 module used is:

  • Pin 1 = 3.3V
  • Pin 2 = SDA
  • Pin 3 = SCL
  • Pin 4 = No connection
  • Pin 5 = No connection
  • Pin 6 = Ground

Here is how the PCB looks when populated:

Download the schematic diagram (15MB).

I have some spare boards, so if you would like one to experiment with please contact me.

Update: All the spare boards are gone. I hope everyone who received one has a lot of fun with them!

Here are the gerber files, suitable for submitting to a PCB house. The license is CC-BY-NC SA. I.e. for personal non-commercial use only. Sorry, but I am unable to provide support for these files.