This post contains some step by step instructions on getting started with free Flash development using the Flex 3 SDK and FlashDevelop, both free.

I noticed that the getting started tutorials on the Adobe website are aimed at people who have purchased the Flash Builder package, so skip over some of the important details required for using the free Flex 3 SDK. This post is an adaptation of Getting Started With Flex Development And Why Its Worth Learning.

  • Download the Flex 3 SDK from Here.
  • Extract the contents of the ZIP file to somewhere like C:\Program Files\Flex3SDK
  • Add C:\Program Files\Flex3SDK\bin to the PATH variable (Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Enironment Variables)
  • Install the debug version of the Flash player from C:\Program Files\Flex3SDK\runtimes\player

Next we need to get FlashDevelop, which is a great, and free, IDE for Flash Development.

  • Download FlashDevelop from here
  • Install
  • Go to Tools -> Program Settings -> AS3Context
  • For the setting “Flex SDK Location” specify C:\Program Files\Flex3SDK
  • Click on “Close”

Now you can follow the rest of the short tutorial at Getting Started With Flex Development And Why Its Worth Learning starting with the point where a new ActionScript file is created. Within minutes you will have your first flash script built with debug output!