I decided that the McWire CNC machine probably wouldn’t be able to product the accuracy I need, or have the lifespan that I need for a machine. In addition I want to be able to cut objects up to a square foot in size. The McWire design would need to be four square feet in size to be able to do that. Instead I decided to buy a machine kit.

I was drawn to the Fireball CNC designs because they are individually hand made and affordable. They also use a gantry design which results in a footprint not much larger than the cutting size. The problem was that they didn’t make a machine that could cut one square foot objects. Until now that is…

Fireball CNC have just released the V90, which has a cutting area of around 12″ x 18″ x 3″. I was fortunate enough to get one during the beta testing phase. Below is a picture of the assembled machine.

Fireball CNC Machine Completed

The next steps are to extend the motor wires, attach them and test jogging from EMC2.