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Coaster Sets Made Using CNC

For Christmas 2008 I made coaster sets as gifts. I took pictures at the time but only now am I getting around to uploading them. I hope they provide inspiration for someone else. If the subject matter for the coasters seems a bit odd or random, it’s because most of them were designs intended specifically for the people they were given to.

Each set contains four coasters and a holder and involved about seven hours of work. The wood is 1/4″ poplar. The inlay is Premo! polymer clay. The items were finished with Varathane. Cut using 1/8″ spiral upcut endmills and 0.0571″ endmills. Designs were made in Solidedge 2D and the toolpaths were generated in CamBam Plus. On the bottom are thin discs of cork, glued on with Titebond II.

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