I am making my configuration files available to help anyone trying to get their Fireball V90 machine working with EMC2. The configuration is for inches, 1/4 microstepping and the HobbyCNC Pro board.

To use these files you will first need to perform the latency test and work out the base period for your PC. Open the Stepconf wizard and choose to update this configuration. Put the latency test results into the Stepconf wizard. Then you must double-check the pin configurations for your board if you are not using the same one I am. These changes are easy to make. I recommend 1/4 microstepping as it gives smooth operation without much reduction in power and speed.

Note that Stepconf will tell you that the INI file has changed since the configuration was generated. I changed the DEFAULT_VELOCITY to 0.9 so the default jogging speed is a bit faster.

Download Fireball V90 EMC2 Configuration Files.

Update: Now with Stepconf generated config files.