This mini tutorial shows how to generate custom Mobius strips with minimum effort. It demonstrates that python scripting can be used to ask the user for information and then apply it to a part the user is already working on. Hopefully that will be useful to some people when solving problems.

1. Download and install WizoScript 1.70 or later and start it.

2. Start Geomagic Design V16 hotfix 1 ( or later.

3. Create a new part and set the units to millimeters.

4. Create a new sketch on the XY plane.

5. Draw a triangle centered on the X axis and set the size of the reference circle to 10mm.

6. Set the center of the triangle 30mm from the origin and exit sketch editing mode.

7. Go to the WizoScript script library and copy the Interactive Mobius Strip Generator. Paste it into WizoScript. Hint: double-clicking on the script in the web-page selects the entire script.

8. Run the script.

9. You will be asked for the name of the part. Assuming you haven’t saved it enter “New Part (1)”. Then you will be asked for the name of the sketch. Enter “Sketch<1>”.

10. Next you will be asked the rotation point along the X axis. Enter “30”. This puts the rotation point at the center of the triangle.

11. You will be asked for the number of rotations. This is the number of times the mobius strip will completely rotate. Enter “3”.

12. Finally you will be asked to enter the number of steps. Enter “30”.

Now the mobius strip will be generated. Be patient as this can take several minutes. Here is what you should have:

Now it’s time to experiment! You can change the shape of the sketch to create different effects. Setting the rotation point closer or further away from the origin will create a “corkscrew” effect. You can increase or decrease the number of rotations. Reducing the number of steps will make the part faster to create but you might have to manually add a guide curve to get a true mobius strip.

Using this script it is possible to run it multiple times on the same part. For example create two sketches, run it on the first sketch and then run it on the second sketch to create two Mobius strips that are intertwined.